Two lunatics on a lunar mission,just landing on Luna,Our Beauty Moon,

“Hey Almstrong,why cant you even hold the flag..drooping arms you have ” said Edlwin Aldrine .

And he continued,”Lo,I was the physical fitness expert who passed you down there “.

Unfazed,wearing a smirk on his animated face,Almstrong shot back,” Its not drooping my arms…your engulfed ,doped up morphine are so high ,leaving you flying high ..and you see me drooping down ,lol ”

“Cut ,Cut ,both you idiots” yelled annoyingly the “truly fake” lunar mission set director Americano Kennadio , bearing a big”O” yawn and descending from the high set crane, getting bored by both the blabbered dialogues.

So,exactly how many lunatics here…two or three or the billion population ???!!!!


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