(Contents Warning: Not intended to be specifically targeting persons,

Contains verses of individualistic opinion )


It’s a life’s shameless, ruthless survival motto,

Bewildering   baffling, ballroom tangerine tango

One kicks and rocks slyly, the other tumbles recklessly,

All flocks of filthy and firmless one legged-flamingo,

It’s this ravenously rollicking ‘Rolling the ball to others’ court’,

A big bang with a blow for one, and another’s flambuoyant bingo!


Speck and clean, one can never point fingers at his aura,

as always a defensive game to others’ migraine and dilemma;,

never at mistake, blame game expert so nuanced ,a hi-volt drama.

Pestering weekly review from all the swallowed subordinates,

Only to remind that he’s still at job, just for cleverly manipulates,

And a perplexing way to worsen their deteriorating matter of greys.


Balanced Score card is like a two pan tarazu

weigh balance rampantly crusted and  rusted,

with heaps of hidden black tamarind pods

stuck at its bottom, mismanaging-ly   adjusted

Online assessment, like tears of the great

Gangetic crocodile, effectively threatrised

with  a BOGO offer-  a heavy padded absorbent

hand napkin for the resultant gladdening eyewash.


Tremendous hard work at daily work display,

the main task is multiple clicks of the Send-Receival,

Of the never minimized Outlook windows all stuffy,

Inbox mails are the work list triggers, else totally listless.

Outbox replies are the ever standing offered solutions –

a considerable share  contributed to the overall  debacle.


Breaking -shattering the eyes, opening-kissing the ice-

Never a trivial itsy bitsy, a tremulous topsy turvy all it is!

Throw a party for achieving those magically miscalculated figures,

-an outright Las Vegas Casino mischievous, no camouflaging that!

Figuratively corrective measures, now seek, mend and amend,

Of all those ‘curves’ so trespassed on trafficking to the next level.


Sometimes throw a naive- so- clandestine inner circle party,

to touch all deep-running family roots  intact and intimate.

Now you have the whip, rather the entire puppets’ rope….

Having a hold in a self-misconstructed trapping entangled knot,

Indifferently wearing colourful clown masks on faces of own choice,

To the Mount Everest-ly achieved multiple checkmate of competing all.


The next version of all these happen to others’ gaze of a visionary you.

Put down the papers regularly and dictating your returns commandingly,

Manifold rises so ungrossly unestimated, to your secretive accounts securedly.

Perks and the clubs leave you all chicks, chickens checked out wishfully,

‘Escorts’ have a rainy day at your frequented trips, such a necessary unnecessity.


Count one to ten, not for nursery child,

Rather spuriously media-mediated ratings

Based on the best brain-draining index, and

All the ABCs of Schools are competed severely

By the cramming- dreamy- creamy layering minds,

Strangely, the cat in capitals rather roars than mews

And the magical mat floating top in the ludicrous list,

Prankly puzzling with misleadingly intricate designs,

A gala grand entrance for fetching sacrificing scape-goat

Creamy herds of rare breeds pulled in each annualised flow.

All the creams so processed hastily, sandwiched in the rituals

of swindling dwindling mass pillars’ mission- to craft fully

Make it traceless, the debris and effluents of the influential lobbies.


Hyped up, peep-resistant septated cubicles,

Like blocked up veins across heady hierarchy.

Claim hellish work with all brittle backbones

Broken out of unceasing sedentary postures,

Like benthic organisms divinely deep rooted.

Mental force like milked up bovine so docile,

Locked in wasted spaces, made targetless missiles

Stars so bright made null, with an ulterior motive may be?!

The never-so myth class of the middle, the whole omnipresent,

Ever confusingly defined by the breed of experts,

Worship with all their ardent fervour and favour

the demigods and the semi devils of  the root cause evils.


Digging more the brain drain, whose destination

Goes into those tormented hyped up workstations,

Hard-earned lumpsum too grabbed by junked up lifestyles

And faked up, claimed-labelled high market necessities,

Never an available cultivity in this cut-off, concreted jungles,

Scandalous scapegoats entrapped in topclass bargaining nexus,

Strangled in the estranged web of agitated black widow spiders,

Losing spaces for one self ends up in vacuumized emotionless void,

Gifted with depression, oppression, desolation –destiny’s melancholic child,


Ruling- legends, ruffians, rustics, right, left, whatever the faction,

Rendering lobbying, logjam nutrition – big players’ tactful traction,

Offering masses an impoverished- plundered- paralysed salvation,

Getting ‘peanuts’ of scam salaries, credited in exotic banking unaccounted,

Limiting anyone’s imagination, wholesome chunks of whopping unrecovered,

Amassing Movable, immovable assets, prettily executed by big players pillared,

Imposing doctrine -the poor still poorer, mushrooming Mercedes- plying Millionaires,


Inflating economy simply by vacuumizing workspace, dummying minded workforce!


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