(Contents Warning: Extremely Violent Ingredients; not for tender hearted)


A tint of tainted off-beat beet red cyanins tarnishingly shadow-shading ,

A hint of pungent peeled-off bleeding red paprika sharply poking and piercing,

A pint of beaten-to-death and mashed, paralyzing poppy earnestly intoxicating,

A stint of stinky crayfish, bewilderingly beheaded, stolen from dill and ale marinating,

An outrageous stir of brutally decibel violating screaming Savina Scoville aggravating,

An out bursting vent of vociferous volatiles effervescently blocking and insensitizing ,

An aftertaste of utterly bitter, brazenly betrayed sweetening artificiality lingering,

A dent and trident of speckled strawberry, twisted split- tongue, hanging and gasping

An imprint of allergenic thorny jackfruit projections, spiky facial mushrooming  

A scent of dumped off passion fruit juicy heart silently muted to putrefying,

A burial burnt of fiercely smoked flat bread spots, a wholesome cancerous gifting,

A dessert treats of creamy necrotic nemesis like a nectary nepenthes pitching in,

A rewarding retreat to heavenly icy dark black forest mystery, ever unreturning.


 A delicately wrapped darling recipe you are, all right, now i get u right,soul echoing

 A chilling,frosty,porous and frozen hearted chocolaty cheat with a murderous merit…


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