Amoeba par excellent, a pleomorphic existence with

All plagiaristic eclectically rented talks and thoughts,

A photosynthetic functional isomer dying out without

Media glares and flickering photoshots zooming in continuum,

Makeover so mercurially legendary, all perfectly in sync

With a facultatively flambuoyant lifestyle donning the

Daily pills of defamations and accusations, coming out

With valiant vindications of brutally paid black suits,

Nothing a crippling rippling effect on the numbed

Up neurons and the dumbed so dendrites of this

Reality life’s castaway, but still hanging the dubious

Cloud nine and hogging the neon filled limelite,

Skipping often for skimpish Caribbean holidaying,

Monasteries and charities are a must include enroute,

An exhausted play dough clay for cosmetic clamours,

Pampering the plastic smile and concavity tummy tuck,

Wonder if you have a mother tongue or move your lip,

For even to a stinking trip to those urgent toilets, too

Are made a tantrum talk in those torturous tweets,

A growing herd is this saprophyticallly obligate breed of

Rainy day, stormy day, tsumani struck, tornado hit buffaloes

Hmm..Can be read fittingly as modern day Buff-fellows,

As zillions of ardent buffs too meticulously and mindlessly follow.


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