Lotus peduncle thighs entwined engrossingly in a tendril filamentous heel knot,

Incandescent honeysuckle clover spa intoxicating this mermaid beauty,

A celestial lavender paradise pleasurably sickening the senses so soothing,

An eclectic grey matter of mine ever curious, clinically delineating

The potpourri of floral herbal exotic top notes in afloating aboundness,

Skeptical stranger’s eyes would well take it to be a theatrical cast cosmetically clandestine,

Flawless face so shimmering, a lake placid lifeless it seems hidden an active erupting volcano,

Thoughts meandering over racial fraternity for a funnily momentary, how a Mongolian so adept

And deft has flown far from her vast land so ancestrally magical, just to sway me pampered,

A bit of manoeuvring ruthlessly all those fibrous piled up, huddled and dead dermatic debris, so

Ungraciously adhered to my keratin unguis so unshapely, all spaded out to an emptied shallow

Valley, manhandling still continues like a periwinkle pruning of the hard so shields,

A silken satin smooth finish fairy tale to have an eventual desirous flambuoyant facade,

With undoubted fervour was she carving her sculpts and skills, a memorable manicure

With all the death cremated and beauty personified by her caressing creation, on

Such a forbidden and ironical figure of fateful fate, a zestful soul though now in a grieving phase.



The conflicting thoughts digging the realms of the loosened red acrid acrisol so grave,

holding the heaps of fresh flesh  and crimson heart  that bore the numerous instances

in clasps and clutches, and feathered high holding hands of hopes and dreams, volumes of

unfinished –untouched- unexplored pages lay silently sermoned in a tranquil equilibrium so mystical,

The transient life grossly gripped to a final trip enroute a mortis of palor, algor, rigor & livor,

All so chilling and stiffening to give a tale of pale and blues even to those hardened cruel rogues,

Taken over the baton by smartly scavenging tiny messengers, putrefying to vacuumized purity,

Not to leave the diligent elite service rendering of the daring dipterans and their ubiquitously

springing curious offspring maggots now assuming a magnanimous erasing magnificence,

The ultimate inert web it seems the skeletonised art work too gets away to a final lull and null,

Only to leave your ever embalmed memories and fossilised imprint of manifold love fingerprints.



A flashing insightful mosaic emerging out like coherent correlation matrix, with no complexities,

Merging the life’s visible trivialialities and the sickening harsh criticalities,

Like the two focussing loci of a simple mood-elevating manicure and

An earthly manure of a mortal dead beloved in his final silent sojourn,

All converging with the divinely auspicious orders of the SHIVA-

The Supreme Destructor, and Transformer of the Trinity Gods,

Only making way for the creations so beautifully ahead,

Sustaining the sublime tradition of endless birth and dead,

The glorified presence of Him in all small passing and the big consuming things,

Floating to the fore of my blossoming pupils like a miraculous mirage,

A cochleal butterfly fluttering and the eyelids so vigorously winking,

All this moments seems so striking me like an eluding cosmic ray

Hitting me for an unravelling seasoned realisation,

Crossing all the scorching Helios and earthly obstructions.



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