WOES TO VOWS / Part-I SMS-Single Mom Series


Window-side  screeching

squirrels fuelling the inner magma ,

where are all the cuckoos now?

may be took a day off

to release their pressure valves,

never they thought this will be

inversely proportionate to mine;


ever mocking ads and animations,

eye glaring and mind tearing;

Never blame you little minds

for nonstop nonsensical views,

but rather are you on your way to

aggressive media plots so tangible;

I can feel your nerves almost neurotic,

sprawling wild and  let loose;


Glued, cemented,plastic – hard bought ,

negotiated ,retrieved countless times-

lady baby sitter,gold and graceful

is your age so old and revered,

still the vengeance and negligence

to my only pillar off springs

so innocent and darlings;

Sure that its only a paid

off duty that you serve

here with so called diligence;

Its not that you mask the eyes

of your delicate master

but rather the gloomy shades

you throw mercilessly over the

little ones’ budding blooming

tender so susceptible minds;


I am no stranger to all these

daily clashing clamours,

for “me” is a big part

in all the uproars so clear,

grave and crave starts here

with my unrest mind so

fearing ,raving and groping;

left all alone to all the

world tirades and tantrums;

No one near to feel so dear,

I feel trapped in a web so

weird;let me now search

my lost self again, nowhere

but within and inner so deep;

I sit and stare ,ponder and

wonder,gaze and trace

all the day,for my way,

away from trashes and thunders,

A flash of lightening

is now so lively happening,

slowly but sternly- surely,

I am but regaining- reviving,

the  heavenly- happy hailing self

with a new found vibrant vigour

and  a rampantly strong rigour,

I do have seasons with all reasons ;

that no treason of outer

being can hold me in a wingless tangle;

For I have got a strong fit  foothold

of  no gimmick or gainful political grip,

but my genuine lying inner

inborn soul is all here to write;

To write and write and write and write;

to wash away all my inner cribs and

cramps and cracks so scary;


I fly high now soaring and roaring

with all passion and endless reason,

I am here to stay ,I am here to stay,

forever and ever,to lead -with

heapful hopes, kindling dear words,

longing happiness,cheerful soulness

-all those with me, in me ,away from me

and  those even against me!

Eternal search,Eternal life ,

I love this life so dear and ever 🙂


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