Time Rugged Soul


Crunched, punched,

bashed, thrashed

punished, banished

dumped, deserted

severed ,stabbed …

Lets stop this spree now..

you have been graceful enough

to endow all your glorious,

memorable virtues on me

all  mind tattooed to

indelible entities so

scary, and  now I feel

weary of treading against you !

those wrinlkled drapes with

skeptical gazes and terribly shrunken brows ,

those dry straw hairs like a shabby cotton candy’

better  a nesting ground for scattering sparrows,

those firmless foot almost dry and rotting with innumerous

vein branched open cracks, like a map of river tributaries,

Now take it either a tit for tat to shed away your abuses,

or joining hands silently with your reigning military regimes,

Oh Time-here is my magical, divine compelling companion

for all turbulent terrain and life’s searching sojourn,

Packed with all wellness and goodness so chosen-

calmly composed and well-knit, washed against even corroding cruel acids ,

faded patches and holed likes scratches, rarely with rat gnawed etchings.

he’s never detached, always agglutinated like a lacy layered skin inborn,

needs no care and never he dares to make a tare, under any grueling glares,

He still makes me feel high and fly more, like a passerine swallow,

with all deserving happy chic looks, garnering some throws of romances too,

all those cribbing stupidity vanished by his hard found cupidity,

feels like being impossibly successful in stretching or shortening the time abstract,

the ticking and the clocking of time so mechanical, seems like coinciding with my

craving heart’s singing beat so rhythmic and rhapsodical,

indeed always indebted to him infinitely and incredibly ,


Solemnly spelling out are my inherited genes to my rugged jeans…



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