Intertwined-a Milky Way Galaxy REMIX



Synchronous ethereal-substantial continuum of

Grounded- heavenly happening-therapy,

Hydrangeal blossoms of a zealous awakening,

Syringing a soothing solace of overbearing senses,

Complex cosmic occurrence a lot incomprehensive

Flourishing the suffering solitude soul’s retrospective,

A fulfilled elemental nourishing purity sanctified,

With piercing prescribed immunogenic shots fortified,

Pull so eternal that swirls in all dark with floatsam sparks

Of all twinklers, tailed dashers, scorching puzzlers, planetary palatials,

Hail the mother of all humours –

Gallows, wits and cavity mortal and all that immemorial,

Constant axial rotation stirred by kinetics so crackling

Sonorous silvery kindling a creamy radiating whirlpool,

Lucrative naval so unfathomable, rippling inner seductive folds,

Speckled with mole spots of peppered planetary bullets,

With precautious dosaged delivery of sprinkling curcumic yellow,

Black mole and yellow not a melodious sweet mellow rather

A rhapsody of targeted sequestering with threatening rod so cocci,

Steeping throatiness by malicious miscreant strepts banished bonafide,

Clarified rectified seems so glorified, turbulent track way all so aerified

Spatial spectacles wriggling rampantly not to treacherous naughtiness.

But whirling with a holy purpose to eradicate the celestial pathogens,

Inner indulgence ever so synergistic, never a noticeable notoriousness,

All power gathers to the garnering soul who treads on searching real self,

Coming out blooming in all perky cheekiness, free from all gory gloominess.


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