Fumbly floating fateful frontal live wall of despair and disgrace,

written off even by ineptly dirt urbanized graffiti walls,

Tactfully even the humble silvered glasses too

shriek and shiver away to thousand shattering shards,

Lavishly lachrymal layered twin red Vesuvius, erupting

steadily their dissolved dreams and beads of hopes,

Fed to satiety mouthful lumps of avalanche balls, running

down the constricted streets to the causal cavity of all world tantrums,

Faintly ticking sober tune to a Metallica band thumping jumps,

a crazy frog tossing out from benthic sleazy sludgy pond,

Numbed nullified tactile tentacles of vibrant motion, hauntingly

hunted and zeroed miniscule to an idle wondering pillared Artemis,

Ephesus  fruit bearings ,jelled in life juice and the luscious drapes , all

shedding,sucking and shriveling to straying straws sinfully strangulated;

Target tagged to your tyrannous tarnishing regime,

an antiquated archaic dissembled to an adorned agave ,

gravely bereaving by your gracious admonishments;

Splendidly spurious spree with your elegant

embellishments enormously extravagant,

suicidally self-tagged in synthetic magnanimity- all

frail,pale and tale of dubious ignominiosity ,

With all its pernicious trails of perfected plastic beaming curvosity,

infallible infusivity wrinkling out the tired so ,tyres of time made linearity,

hermetic embracivity  bitterly pronouncing hard suction-made concavity ;

This tormentable target-tagging trapping down,

not only  this solitude soul lost in obscurity ,but

a populative lot with misplaced mishandled lost identities ;

notwithstanding  now an enlarging evidence

of  the heavenly growl with concocted angst,

is your life taking self-symphony orchestrated

to perfection saliently, sooner on the cards prescribed!

A shimmering ray of hope still transiently traversing

through those victimized loner souls,in search of the

unfathomable ,unshaken,simpler natural universality !


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  1. The open lines are so powerful! They command attention as does the rest of the poem. The search is gruelling and as vivid as staring death in the face, the darkness pervades the soul yet the redeeming factor is the hope that finally rears its head at the end! A masterly write… don’t know why I identify so much with it!

    • Ty Reena ! I am happy you wetre able to relate and identify with the soul searching here …..Ty again for those words of appreciation and constant motivation 🙂

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