Don’t see me in absolute astonishment,

When I say about the severest of all punishments,

Is not an impoverished existence for daily bread,

Is not the orphaned soul devoid of love and care,

Is not a victim of shooting spree in daring daylights

Is not a pain of stabbing death by an insane mortal

Is not the loving hearts split by temporal distances,

Is not the abandoned spouse of marital conflicts,

Is not the pining soul for the deceased beloved,

It’s the highly ignored and the deliberately neglected –

Lovely, innocent, dependant, desperate souls,

That you have around, in form of near and dear ones!

It’s high time you checked the reality status,

Before you ceremoniously update your FB status,

And blatantly bring out the self from any such hiatus,

Transform thoroughly yourselves from a morbid lattice,

To an empathetic and sympathetic heart with no crevice,

Bring on the simple yet meaningful smiles, long so miles,

Life’s so beautiful with souls connected and vengeance destroyed!


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