Symptoms of “A” love



Snow-blinded hallucination

in your scintillating presence,

Beautiful  blepharospasmic  ballad

of eyes by your magnetic resonance,

A racing heart arrhythmic,

randomly beating aloud crazily,

Trendy Apple Green enamel

wearing  flashily on my nails so brittle,

Auburn streaked keratin strands

elegantly tracing all my way behind,

Coppery metallic glitters accentuating

the smoky eye shadow effect absorbingly,

albeit both can be of a little help to

the  below curvaceous rings in dark defect,

Your brimming passion like an iron flow,

ironic  though, not in my raging blood,

Offering my little heart not calcified,

kneeling down on my delicate legs,

Need no rest for all our indulgences,

even a couple or more days have no issues,

For want of an airtight embrace ,

fainting almost in your hands now,

Darling! I am free falling just for you,

I am Anorexically Amorous !



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