Mind of the Eyes


Mind of the Eyes

dimness pleading to pitch black….

she pushes her way to  linen bed ,

stopping while at her dressing rack…

when brilliant shade of metallic red,

flashes in the mirror’s face of disgrace

décor lines as her eyes’ outline trace

feeble hands still working on those eyes…

eyes of gloom never to bloom, she says

eyes hear her dumbly  to her fake rejoice

she hears them whisper to its true conscience,

faint memories of sleep I have

pain as my daily gain I reap

white yolk a ball of dragon fire I dress

balls of  black beauty  I adorn

Light of the soul I emanate

Passion of the heart I fiercely burn

Thoughts of the mind I encrypt

Hope of Life I  rejuvenate…..

Grief of the ages I see

Strive against fate I fight

Tears of toil I shed

Sweetness of victory I shower

Humbleness in you I empower

I am the luck with you forever..

I am the mind of the eyes..

I am the eyes of the mind ..

she stood there taken aback  immense

by  two more minds with no pretence !


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