Satirical Verses .


Humans to God  :
His Creative NonFiction !

Life :
Logically illogical with Fatal Errors .

Adolescent Love :
Lunatically Obsessed with Visually Exciting …

Creative Minds :
Collision  and Fusion of Ideas;Untiringly delivering ….

Man to Woman :
Intensely Superficial Species !

Woman to Man :
A Bugging Necessity .

Children :
All Atheists are now Theists .

Time (for an Indian Parliamentarians Politico):

Totally Invaluable and by all Means Extendable.

Time (for an inborn artist ) :
Totally Indulging ,with each Minute Enriching !

A Sudden Breed of  News/Sports Anchors & Analysts:
Tweet first,breathe next !

UBS India hires IIM grads :
Of  course,Best of talents needed to safeguard largest looted reserve !




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