Droplets of Golden Harvest !!!

Over  a  pinpoint county,
in the the mountain shield bounty…
A split-second start of shrill pain,
closing nearby the lashing vanes,
sprawling  suddenly like a rapid fire,
depositing heavily like a cosmic saucer;
Rushing in a rage of red attire –
spilling across the white empire….
Bringing in a spring of warm layer,
of crystal clear salty cleanser,
filling over the dark apple miniature,
and flowing to corner curvature…

Ebbing tides running across the cheeks,
falling down steadily from the peaks,
here you are-my wonderful  tears……
droplets of  precious pearls !

A hearty outcry and outburst ,
at times of happenings worst,
quenches  anger’s wrath and thirst,
albeit drenching  the napkins abreast;
Until the fear tears away to freedom ,
and the hate hails its way to lovedom,
Until all the panicky pandorum
silently settles down to a perfect equilibrium !

From  clamour to a clear set hamlet ,
From darkest to the vibrant scarlets,
My mind no more a complex closet,
The droplets from my pumping goblet
ever a reason for my life’s golden harvest!!!

Gushing tears !


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