For Shana, its “What’s next?”





Part 1 :                             Shana’s lonely day…

Twists and turns,innumerable times  she had done it on her seemingly sturdy wooden cot ,with its sprawling steel arms! Shana  lay there half awakened on that wee morning hours..,with her usual sprain in the neck and a mild upwardly migrating pain on her heels…

Shana turned to her right again  and pressed her cheeks hard into her ill-cushioned pillow,her thighs curled as much upwards as possible so as to touch her belly …looking almost like an imperfect wriggling cocoon ,she felt a momentary securedness now , only to be lost within seconds.Shana  was still not able to find a perfect resting  posture she had always been searching for …resting  her cuddly body was never her inner intention though; imbibed in insecure thoughts of her future,her restlessness arose from her wandering mind! 
Shana sudddenly was left all alone from all those places and her beloved persons of her abrupt vision of her mind..
“Lo,it is only a dream”,She said to herself ,as she was wrapped in loneliness. She felt deserted by her dream’s dear ones..with the reminiscence that resonates with her real life too. Holding another pillow to her handful and hugging it very tightly, she imposed her sleep-laden ,paining eyes to a closure….

Neither alarmed nor  assaulted by those shrill sounds of her mobile’s wakeup tone,her immune ears got a little irky to the banging sound of her bedroom.”Goodness,it was 10 am..”Shana hustled up from her bed .

 A lazy morning as usual for a day off from work,with an air of haggardness written all over her laggard face.She sipped her steaming tea with  an eagerness of  getting lively for an otherwise unplanned day at her disposal.Tea has had dual purposes to her since her late twenties…now,for the past eight years,the very drink supposed to be her recharging thing alone transformed into a hunger quencher too.Shana thought to herself as she sipped her tea,”never had my dinner a complete meal,and thanks buddy,you lovely tea,I am having  a partial filling feel of my belly! “
                                To be continued ….


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