The diversity-personified Food Culture has always a unique niche in the  minds of everyone recalling the Spicy Oriental India!

Associated with them are those fascinating original products of the soil, always tagged with their nativity.

Taking a tour of them leaves us only awe-struck & asking for more…

Let me start with where I am, the Elegant East !

Only one Rendezvous with the Bangla Roshogollas  are enough to make you  an infectious Salivating Smiley whenever you think of it  :-9

Sugarbabies, now come out of the sweet capital to the Hotspot! Oooh,just forgot to offer you a cup of super-steaming tea to refuel your souls as we pass through the picturesque Darjeeling..

Dragging you out of to the Far-east in Assam, at Tezpur…

And don’t think I am a soulless sinner
if I make u a RED HOT SIZZLER by the eye-watering Chilli Pepper Bhot Jolokia ,
World’s Hottest Chilli Ever!

Next,singing your way to Singbhum,comes the funky tribal city Chaibasa …pamper your palette with profound pineapples!

A straight flight landing to our Desi Fanta Meadows -our own Florida at India’s Heartland, The Nostalgic Nagpur Santra ,with no tantras and tantrumsJ

Deep down South ,with Gods beckoning us ,is the Tezpur Chilli’s naïve cousin,but crowned the King of  spices, The Pepper of Malabar!!!!

The tour is not yet over dears… continue soon…umajay/26-09-2011


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